The missing link of your resume - why general resume tips don't work?

What is the most crucial document you need to produce in your career? 

It is your RESUME. A well-crafted resume will differentiate you from the crowd. It will help you land your dream job faster and with higher pay. 

However, many people have not done it right. As a result, they submit their resumes to hundreds of companies but receive almost zero response!

General resume tips don't work!

Lots of schools and organizations are offering various resume workshops. You will receive some general advice, such as:

  • Structure - How to organize your resume? What sections do you need in your resume? Should you put "Education" before or after "Work Experience"?

  • Format - What resume template can you apply? How many pages do you need? What font family and size do you use?

  • Language - What's the right verb to describe your work? Should you use the past tense or present tense? What is the proper punctuation in this sentence? 

While all these are helpful, they sound more like English writing tips. 

A standard resume with no grammar errors is not enough to unlock some exciting career opportunities for you!

What's Missing?

Here are some critical elements you often miss from general resume advice:

1. Domain Insights

Many professional jobs are highly specialized. The domain knowledge and insights are crucial to guide your resume writing. For example, if you are applying for a Cloud Security position, you need to understand what hiring managers typically expect from a cloud security engineer, such as: Have you worked on major public clouds like Azure, AWS, or GCP? How do you manage Cloud IAM, Platform Protection, Data Governance, Application Security, and Security Operations? Have you applied any cloud security frameworks? 

While a typical career advisor may help you fix some general resume issues, only people with domain insights can guide you to build an impactful resume by reflecting the current industry needs and the specific job expectations.

2. Secret Formula

Once a company posts a job online, HR will receive hundreds of applications in a few days, especially for junior positions. Why will the company pick you for an interview rather than others? 

You may make your resume look pretty by cloning a template or following some writing tips. But so does everyone. What is unique about you?

You need to follow a secret formula and do some key things right in the whole resume building process. You can read my blog - "3 things hiring managers want to know about you" to discover the fundamental thought process. 

3. Targeted Feedback

The so-called general resume advice focuses on a broad audience. However, to make you shine, you need the spotlight on you. In other words, the career coach needs to spend time understanding who you are, where you are from, what your specific strengths/weaknesses are, etc. 

Moreover, the targeted feedback should cover the specific job you want. What are some essential technical skills for this position? What kind of practical experiences are relevant? What are some soft skills (power skills) expected?

The targeted feedback on both you and the job will help you form a much better strategy to build a highly-effective resume!


A highly-targeted professional resume will save you tons of time and energy to land your dream job. From an ROI point of view, if you could start a high-paying job just one day earlier, you would get hundreds of dollars more in your pocket! 

However, many general resume tips are insufficient because they lack domain insights, secret formulas, and targeted feedback. 

To learn further on this topic, I suggest you read my blog here: "The KEY to improving your resume immediately." 

If you are interested in unlocking excellent career opportunities in cybersecurity, I recommend you to register for  our Cybersecurity Resume Bootcamp. Our industry experts and unique learning model will empower you to achieve the best ROI for your career development!

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