Cybersecurity 101 Online Course
$49.99 CAD$29.99 CAD
This cybersecurity introduction course will help you quickly understand Cybersecurity Concepts, Industry Challenges, Common Cyber Attacks, and Cybersecurity Domains.
Cybersecurity Essentials Virtual Seminar
$249.00 CAD$149.00 CAD

Cybersecurity is hot today! Join this high in-demand 1-day virtual seminar of Cybersecurity Essentials. It will help you master fundamental cybersecurity concepts, understand essential cyber controls and technologies, learn necessary cybersecurity compliances and frameworks, and discover exciting career opportunities.

Cybersecurity Analyst Experiential Learning
$2,499.00 CAD$1,499.00 CAD

How do you convince hiring managers you are job-ready as a Cybersecurity Analyst? Certifications help, but Practical Experience is the Key! This unique program will help you understand the key cybersecurity concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios. You will think about cybersecurity and technology risks from a business lens. You will leap into action and collaborate with other participants in simulated exercises to help the CISO secure her organization. Our practical project will take you across various cybersecurity domains and make you job-ready for a cybersecurity analyst!

Cloud Security Experiential Learning
$3,499.00 CAD$2,449.00 CAD

Highly efficient experiential learning program to obtain hot skills and practical experience in cloud security, by learning from industry experts, taking hands-on labs, and completing a team project on Microsoft Azure.